7 Soon-to-Be Outdated Decor Trends

7 Soon-to-Be Outdated Decor Trends

The world of interior design is constantly evolving, and a trend is rarely considered stylish beyond a 10-year period. So, what should you avoid in 2022? Which trends are on their way out?


If you are getting ready to renovate a room or refresh another with a few minor alterations, your best bet is to either stick with the classics or to embrace the very latest fashions. Most importantly, steer clear of trends that are declining in popularity or that have completely disappeared! Do you know what these are?

The Colour Grey

It has been used extensively in recent years: furniture upholstery, flooring (wood, vinyl, ceramic), kitchen backsplashes and wall paint.

This fad has run its course and if you are redecorating, we recommend that you eliminate grey from your palette … or your room will look outmoded in less than five years.

Barn Wood

The vogue for barn wood planks started approximately 10 years ago, used as interior panelling to create an accent wall, for example behind the television. Large sliding barn wood doors also supplanted regular partitions.

While wood remains a noble material with timeless appeal, this is not necessarily the case for barn wood. Its distinctive appearance and the fact that it sparked such a design craze over the last few years mean you should skip it now. 

Backsplashes as Kitchen Accents

For a long time, people chose to make the backsplash one of the kitchen’s eye-catching features, namely by installing tiles in a contrasting colour to the cabinetry and countertop.

Now, the preference is for a backsplash that blends in with the decor, like cream tiles with cream-painted cabinets. The grout colour should likewise not stand out. For example, avoid combining white grout with black tiles. 

Shiny Finishes

If you plan on replacing a kitchen backsplash, TV console, vase, or any other aspect of your property, forget shiny finishes. The same goes for kitchen cabinets: 10 years ago, thermoplastic was on top; now mat is all the rage. 

Mosaic or Herringbone Patterns

Whether it’s on the floor or behind the kitchen sink, ceramic tiles and wood planks must no longer be laid in a mosaic or herringbone pattern. While it is still in vogue to do so at the time of writing, there is every reason to believe that this trend is fading.  

A classic layout is the safest choice for a timeless look.

Open Concept Design… That Is Too Open!

Houses in which the kitchen, living room and dining room form one open area have been sought after by homeowners for a long time now. This is the favoured first-floor layout for many residences today. But open concept spaces do have drawbacks: they must always be kept neat and tidy throughout because there is nowhere to conceal the mess. Plus, they provide little privacy. Finally, the decor can either seem spartan or chaotic.

That said, an open-concept layout is still popular, especially since it is ideal for hosting diners and parties. Nevertheless, dividers and textural elements can be integrated to counteract the cold empty feel such spaces can have. For example, a bookcase can be added to act as a partition between the living room and the dining room or large rugs can be laid to delineate a zone. Extra storage should also be included to prevent the space from becoming cluttered.

Chrome in the Home

It has been a mainstay of our rooms for so long! But its reign is coming to an end. Chrome and stainless-steel finishes are no longer number one. If you want to revamp a room, replace its fittings with a white or black model. Likewise remove all decorative accessories in this material.

Refrigerators and dishwashers similarly look best in white or black, no matter what your decor style. It is also preferable to conceal home appliances instead of showcasing them: which is why they are frequently hidden behind cabinet doors in new kitchens.


Now it’s up to you to decide if you’ll follow the trends or stick to your own personal tastes: whichever you choose is great!

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